Pre Commitment


When Damien and Simeon arrive at the hotel to finalize their wedding plans, they had no idea their focus on the big day meant they forgot to focus on each other. Having been life-long friends and decided to marry some 18 months previously, it's been a long haul. Sitting in front of Tyler the Wedding Arranger, it soon becomes clear to them that they don't know each other at all.

Tyler, a self confessed 4th emergency service comes to the rescue. He diligently draws out the personal preferences to enable him to assess whether the couple are right for each other. After all, he has his reputation to keep - only 5% of the couples he arranges marriages for fail, versus a national average of 33% - a fact of which he is very proud.

Like an adolescent trying to make his voice heard by using posters in his bedroom to tell the world who he is, Damien finds himself in Tyler's office with nothing other than his voice to communicate with - and he's got big news to tell.

Simeon, the darling, is totally innocent, doesn't understand Damien's double meaning and innuendo. However, this is something Tyler understands almost immediately. Although once he's in control of the facts, he too finds it difficult to find a way of sending the right messages.

Through a stroke of a mis-placed handbag, Tyler has an opportunity to understand what true love for a woman is - in an instant. Together with Damien's stroke of a good handshake he finds his too.

Principal Cast & Crew

Melanie Varnavas
Philip Lewis Hemings
Jerome Aarts
Denyz Luciw
Katarina Korbelova
Written and Directed by
Trevor Garlick
Produced by
Trevor Garlick
Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz
Marek Kremer
Marco Iavarone
Mick Franklin
Production Designer
Celina Norris
Lauren Michelle
Assistant Producer
Daniel Wyszynski
Music Composed by
Sukjin Chang
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