Trinity X Productions, started up in May 2009 delivering two short films written an directed by Trevor Garlick.

In October 2010 we launched our first DVD containing our shorts Pre-commitment and Total Reaction. We are selling this DVD to raise the finance for our first feature movie which is due to go into production in early 2011.

Team Profiles

Trevor Garlick

Trevor Garlick Writer / Director - Trevor has hung up his consulting briefcase after spending 20+ years in financial services to pursue the dream of movie making.

He's worked on a number of writing projects over the last 5 years and finally got off his butt to get them onto DVD! Having undertaken a few courses at Raindance in 2009 there is nothing quite like hands on experience to bring it all to life.

The new Feature film planned for early 2011 is going to be an exciting challenge!

Our Principles: It occurs to me that it would be useful to lay out clearly the simple principles that Trinity X Productions has signed up to. Why? - Because the Independent Film Industry is a tough place to be, especially when you are starting out, although we are still able to offer a little something for most! At this end of the business, low-cost production means just that, while financial rewards may not be great, we can still be 'out there'!

  • Develop movie projects which bring new stories or at least a different point of view from the hearts and minds at Trinity X to the eyes and ears of an audience - no matter how small the audience may start out as.
  • Use each project to enable the world to experience the skills of the team brought together for each project as far and wide as possible - for example through film festivals and distribution - even where self-distribution is the only viable option
  • Identify and give opportunities to new talent both in front of and behind the camera - each project is a learning experience for all of us, in helping each other we can grow
  • To be honest and open always (the only exception being story/plot lines which will only be released when appropriate!). We just want to ensure the team can make a living while entertaining others and having fun! Re-investing income is the only way this is going to be sustainable.
  • Where the content of our projects are relevant to other causes around us, identify and pursue opportunities for working together with other social programs for mutual benefit